Don't Look Back

Don’t Look Back… Its A New Year!!!

Happy New Year !!!

As I was rereading the story of Lot and his wife ( Story of Sodom and Gomorrah; Gen 18:16- Gen 19: 29) the command given to them by the Angels of the Lord hit me.  The command was Do not Look Back!   And as I was reading this the Holy Spirit said this applies to me as well.

2013 was not a bad year for me, but it wasnt all that great either.  I received a great revelation,  if I want this year to be better than last I can’t look back at the failures, disappointments and missed opportunities.  Because if I do I will end up a pillar of salt/fear/anger/regret, just like Lot’s wife.

So I encourage you not to look back, keep moving forward, keep dreaming and setting goals.  Keep praying, God hears and sees all and He is faithful.


God Bless,

<3 MycheleAnjelica

Where Have I Been?

I must apologize one to those who follow my blog, I have been in a blogging slump.  I’ve been totally unmotivated and discouraged for the past few of months.  And not just with blogging but with life overall and Its been very weird.  The little things in life that would bring me so much happiness suddenly lacked interest.  I found my self with nothing to share and no enthusiasm to read anything new.  And because I felt so down I didn’t want to bring anyone else down, so I decided to take a blog break.

I would also like the apologize to the publishers who have sent me books and I have not held up my end of the bargain.  I fully intend to review every single book that I have received and I will not be adding any new books to my TBR pile until I am complete.

Please be patient with me and keep me in your prayers.


He’s God & He Answers in his Own Time


I think I’m at the point for it to be very difficult for anyone to convince Me that God isn’t real,  that he doesn’t love his children and that he doesn’t speak to us.  Ive been praying and crying about this very issue. And although I don’t know this person And she’s shared this with thousands God ordained for me to see it.  Its so easy to be impatient with God but I love how patient he is with me.  So keep praying your answer will come.  #feelingloved #answeredprayers

God Bless

<3 Relationship Tips


Just finished reading Heather DeMoss’ new blog ” The American Girl Dream” at

I thank God for her ministry to encourage women.  She has great blogs on Love,  Relationships and Following Christ.  Go look around and men there’s something there for you too :-)

God Bless


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