Book Review: Heart’s Secret- Adrianne Byrd

Heart’s Secret


Adrianne Byrd

June 1,2010


Match Made Series #1

Book Overview:

Melanie Harte’s latest matchmaking assignment comes with a catch. Her client, Jaxon Landon, can never know that his grandmother hired Melanie to find him a woman of substance—someone more interested in making the handsome banker happy than in spending his money. With Melanie’s help, Jaxon meets Zora Campbell, a former model whose thriving agency proves she’s just as brilliant as she is beautiful. For the first time Jaxon is falling for a woman who is his equal—and their combustible chemistry proves the feeling is mutual. But the hotter their relationship gets, the more Zora worries about what will happen when Jaxon discovers the ploy behind the passion. A simple lie brought them together—but will it also tear them apart?

My Thoughts:

Ok let me start by saying I know this review is late but I recently discovered author Adrianne Byrd so I wanted to catch up on some of her work.  And this is also a series and I’m a sucker for series.

Now to the review, this book was awesome!  There was drama, comedy and of course ROMANCE! As mention in the overview this is apart of the Match Made series, covering Ms. Melanie Harte and her match making company Platinum Society.  Melanie is is a third generation matchmaker for high profile clients.  The client of this book is Mrs. Sylvia Landon she is the grandmother of our Hero Jaxon Landon  (handsome name).  Sylvia wants Mealanie to match her grandson, catch… He’s already engaged, bigger shock… to a STRIPPER!! After serious thought Melanie accepts the challenge and enlists her friend Zora(Heroine) to help tame Jaxon.

After a convincing lunch Zora agrees to the blind date at the Landon’s anniversary party.   Catch…She doesn’t know about the engagement!  This is how the story starts and it closes with just as much drama.  As usual I don’t like to get into much detail about the books because I want you to read it for yourself but trust its worth the risk.  Don’t believe me…

Rape, Bad Dates, Bathroom Love, … everything you have to look forward to 😉

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆



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