Time to Clean…

Well… Its Saturday!  And that means cleaning time.  I hate to clean. Like I really despise it.  I can’t wait (well I can wait) to get married so I’ll have a husband that likes to clean.  Then I can have babies and raise them to clean.  And if that doesn’t work I’ll hire a maid 🙂

I’ve been doing better about keeping my room clean (only child, never grew up doing it) but this week the room has taken over see …

Whenever I’m confused or not sure about something I look it up.  Well I wasn’t sure how to overcome my room so I looked up some pointers.  Here’s a 15 Min Cleanup

Here’s my second problem…

My Make up brushes are dirtyyyyyyyyy….  And we all know A Dirty Brush= A Pimply Face #NoBueno

I like Scandalous Beauty’s form of cleaning it involves wine Lol Check it  here


Also check out MakeUp Geek Tv’s How to Vid:

And last in making this post I burned my breakfast …Tear


Happy Cleaning

❤ MycheleAnjelica



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