Why I Can’t Stand A

So the Pretty Little Liars(PLL) season finale aired last night, and let me tell you I’m TICKED.

I watched the show with my roommate, we have been waiting 2 years to find out who this “A” person is.  The producers and the writers promised we would find out who “A” was, and what do we get?  More confusion and we are left with more questions.  The PLL people also said that they would go a different route than the books and lets just say… they didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, the episode was good until the last 5 minutes and I started to realized what was going to happen.  So now we wait until the summer.   Sad time for me because my rommie is leaving me, I won’t have anyone to watch it with.  But oh well.

No spoilers here, just a little rant.  How’d you feel about the season finale?



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