Book Review:With Just One Kiss-Francis Ray

Such a Pretty Cover

With Just One Kiss

Francis Ray

Released: Feb.28.12

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Pages: 304

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Summary from

Book Description

Cicely St. John is not impressed by her friend C.J. Callahan’s so-called passion in life: running a New York City bar that he inherited from his uncle. So why can’t Cicely stop thinking about the dance they shared at their mutual friends’ wedding—or the mutual attraction she felt in C.J.’s arms?

As far as C.J. is concerned, Cicely is a snob whose “passion” in life—writing for fashion magazines—is as pretentious as she is. So why can’t he keep his eyes off her? C.J. has a business to run. And Cicely has a job opportunity in Paris. Neither of them even has time to think about romance right now. But maybe, just once, the two could test their friendship…with just one kiss.

My Take

I want to start my review by saying thank you to Ms. Ray for sending this book to me. And not only did she send it she also autographed it for me as well J.  The only sad thing about this is I cannot carry the book with me wherever I go since it is a physical copy and I carry my iPad everywhere.  Someone please develop a way for authors to autograph an eBook ;-).

This book is apart of Francis’s Kiss Trilogy, which is a spinoff of her Grayson and friends series.  If you have not read those books please do, they are

“goodeaads’.  I really liked this book.  From the moment the lead characters were introduced I was curious as to how Ms. Francis would get them together.  It seemed as if there was no getting them to like each other.  Normally in romance books I’m not worried about Happily Ever After’s (HEAs) but with this book I was constantly worried that this couple would give up and leave me sad.

Cicely is my kind of girl, she’s ambitious, determined and fashionable with her own personal story of never measuring up to her parents standards.  And CJ, all I can say about CJ is I LOVE his confidence.  He’s a man’s man but also caring which shows in how he handles Cicely when he thinks she’s in trouble and his family when they keep a huge secret from him.  But like any other man he’s pride, machoness and temper sometimes get the best of him.

All in All, Ms. Ray provided us with another couple to add to our collection of perfect couples.

Based on my system I will rate this a 3.5!!!



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