I <3 Book Review:Feeling the Heat Review-Brenda Jackson

Feeling the Heat 

Brenda Jackson

Published: April 3, 2012

Publisher:  Harlequin

Pages: 192

Rating: 3/5 Stars


Book Description:

Their long-ago affair had ended too abruptly. And Dr. Micah Westmoreland knows Kalina Daniels hasn’t forgiven him. But now that they’re working side by side, he can’t ignore the heat that still burns between them. This time, there will be no question about his motive…he plans to make her his.

My Take:

Well, normally I am in love with the story that Mrs.Jackson delivers but this story was a little mehh to me.  It was a really short story and it didn’t have that normal hot,sexy passion that Ive come to expect from Mrs.Jackson.

The story tells of Dr. Micah Westmoreland and fellow doctor, Kalina Daniels.  They worked together or an assignment and shortly after became involved.  The affair was going well until Kalina overheard/misheard a conversation between Micah and her father.  She then believed Micah lied to her without hearing his side of the story.  And Micah was to stubborn to try.  So now they are forced to work together again and put their real feelings on the table.

One thing that  I did like about the book was the case they were working on.  And the foreign location.  This was something different that her normal books.  And if you have read any of her other books you should. She is still one of my favorite authors 🙂



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