I <3 Music Review: Melanie Fiona- The MF Life

Guys!!! Its been sooo long, please forgive my absence.  There’s been a lot going on, hopefully my life can get back to normal and I can continue to share my <3’s.

First off, I love Melanie Fiona’s album.  I’ve had it since it came out and I’ve been listening to it non stop since.  Melanie said she wanted to explore the “ideas of love, all of the sides and all of the highs and lows.” And boy does she ever. I can honestly say that I’ve been through a lot of some of what she describes in her songs from wanting to do your best in your new relationship, to sitting up wondering your significant other(S.O.), to being so head over it makes no sense.  She describes these scenarios and she does it so well.

Its amazing what she’s done with this album.  There’s a mix of soul, funk, r&b, pop, and powerful ballads that make you want to cry out. A great sophomore album from Ms. Fiona. Here are my <3’s on the album:

1. This Time (feat. J.Cole) “put you to sleep know it’s deep,When the girl of his dreams is the same one to wake him up”  HOTTT!! MY FAVE!!!

2. 4AM-  “Who knew that my heart could have a bruise?”And the Video is deep.

3. 6AM (feat T-Pain) – like a 4AM with the added male perspective

4. Like I Love You- Nice island flavor to it.

Now if you don’t believe its worth it watch this performance and you won’t have any questions



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