Book Review: 25,000 Mornings by Fay Rowe

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Salt of the Earth, Light of the World

25,000 Mornings 25,000 Mornings

Fay Rowe

January 23,2012

West Bow; Devotional

180 pages

3 Stars


Book Description

In a relaxed, chat-over-coffee style, award-winning author of Keepers of the Testimony and Smooth Stones & Promises Fay Rowe’s third book and first devotional, 25,000 Mornings, offers up daily portions of ancient, Biblical wisdom as it encourages, challenges and sometimes amuses. In her first devotional, Fay Rowe writes for both the young and young-at-heart on varied subjects such as: starting out and starting over; believing words; resting on the rock; talking to God; never giving up; being yourself and living with people; and clocks and calendars.

My Take 

Lets start with the things I liked. The cover of the book is beautiful.  I’m a simple girl at heart and clear, clean graphics really draw me in.  The devotionals are not titled by day of the month.  Which is great because you can jump…

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