Help Me Pick My New Phone

Phone Fight

HELP!!!! I have a dilemma! I can’t decide what I want my next phone to be. It’s either the IPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3. I’ve done my research for both (extensively) and it’s getting harder and harder to make up my mind.  I have a Macbook Pro, IPad and IPod Touch so I know what to expect when purchasing something from Apple.  The design will be great, the apps are endless and it just works.  But… it’s becoming a little boring to me (shocked face).  Now I’m not the biggest fan of the Samsung TouchWiz interface (it’s really ugly) but I like the size and I want to explore the Android OS.  It does some really cool things.

So… yeah I have a problem and you can help me.  Vote on the poll and if you have any other comments or suggestions leave them in the comments.



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