Troubles Got You Down

Good Morning 🙂

I started a new devotional on YouVersion to day titled ” NIV Once A Day Promises“.  Today’s subject was focusing on God during our times of trouble because he is bigger than them all.  I really needed to read this because I’ve been dealing with some things that I just couldnt get past.

The devotional plan is 21 days and I’m looking forward to relearning God’s promises to me.

God’s Promise to Me
• Trials and sorrows are part of living in a fallen world.
• I am bigger and more powerful than any worldly troubles you face.

Prayer to God
Heavenly Father, trials and sorrows are a normal part of life. I don’t like this truth, but it reminds me of my need for you, God. I can take heart in the fact that you will have the final word. I praise you because you are powerful and sovereign over my life—even the hard times. Always keep me looking to you.

Hope this blesses you like it blessed me.




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