Nerd <3: Free App Alert

I love discovering new apps. Apps for my iPad or my S3 (<3 that thing) and I love them more when they are free. So I present to you my app find …

Day One (Journal/Diary)

Day One (Journal/Diary)



Designed and focused to encourage you to write and recall more information about your life.





Day One is a journal/diary app that helps you capture all of your thoughts, memories, ideas and photos without the hassel of paper. I’ve been trying for the better part of the year to be consistent with my journaling but somehow I always manage to fall off. When I do get the chance to journal it’s mostly my prayers to God and random revelations I get during the day. But I’ve noticed lately I’ve been thinking a lot (more than usual), coming up with different ideas for my blog, random thoughts & ideas and poems. And it sucks because I haven’t been writing any of these things down and when i want to recall them I can’t. But now I can. Now I use apps like aNote and Evernote and I  think they are awesome but what I love about Day One is the purpose of the app.  Yes those other mentioned apps are great but with Day One it is devoted to your thoughts, at least that’s how I see it.

One of my favorite features is the user interface; its clean, crisp and simple to use.  My second favorite feature is the timeline view of all the entries you make. It encourages you to make more than one entry a day which is something I struggle with in my physical journal. I also love that you can add photos, create tags and star some of your favorite entries.


Other Features:

• Sync (via iCloud or Dropbox) to Mac, iPhone and iPad apps
• Photos (Camera+ Integration iPhone only)
• Tags & #hashtags
• GPS, Locations, Foursquare Places
• Weather and Temperature Data (3-day historical)
• Calendar View
• Search
• Passcode Lock
• Reminders
• Multi-Markdown (Text formatting)
• Starred Entries List
• Universal iPhone and iPad
• Entries By Year view
• TextExpander snippet support
• Send as Tweet
• Foursquare Check-in (with Photo)
• Email entry (HTML or Plain Text)
• Full Screen Mode

The app is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad for free until Sunday, July 14th  then it goes back to normal pricing. There is also a Mac version which is $9.99.  Unfortunately for Android and WP users there currently isn’t a app available.  Happy Journaling!!!




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