Don’t Look Back… Its A New Year!!!

Happy New Year !!!

As I was rereading the story of Lot and his wife ( Story of Sodom and Gomorrah; Gen 18:16- Gen 19: 29) the command given to them by the Angels of the Lord hit me.  The command was Do not Look Back!   And as I was reading this the Holy Spirit said this applies to me as well.

2013 was not a bad year for me, but it wasnt all that great either.  I received a great revelation,  if I want this year to be better than last I can’t look back at the failures, disappointments and missed opportunities.  Because if I do I will end up a pillar of salt/fear/anger/regret, just like Lot’s wife.

So I encourage you not to look back, keep moving forward, keep dreaming and setting goals.  Keep praying, God hears and sees all and He is faithful.


God Bless,

❤ MycheleAnjelica


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