About Me

Welcome to My Less 3 (<3)  !!!    ❤  is a blog dedicated to all of my loves.  What is that I love:

  • Jesus
  • Books
  • Music
  • Beauty Things
  • Techy Things
  • Tv / Movies
  • And a few random things

Previously I ran two blogs this one and Salt through Light, at the end of last year (2012) I decided to combine the blogs.  The reason being I didnt want to be limited in what I could write about.  I wanted to be the same person on this blog as I was on S&L.

This blog is meant to be an encouragement for everyone.  A place I can share stories, testimonies and hopefully impart something into your life.  I am not a theologian, minister or anything of that sort, but I am a girl who loves God and is not ashamed to share it.  I want to let my Light shine and Salt the earth.


I want to make HIM famous!





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