Review Policy

Review Policy
If you are an author or a publisher, and you would like for me to feature and/or review your book( I would love to!) here is what you need to know:

  • For this blog I review any genre of books ( Young Adult, Christian Fiction and Romance being my favorites).  
  • It can be a galley, finished copy or an ARC.
  • I can review e-books.
  • I cannot put a time range of when I will review your book. It all depends on how big my reading/reviewing pile is.And how busy with work and other commitments.
  • I will give every book a chance. Meaning, even if the book doesn’t catch my attention in the first page or the summary, I will read it for at least 50 pages more.

My reviews contain:
– Cover
– Title and Author
– Summary
– Published Date
– My opinions and thoughts on the book(Good and bad)
– My review ( Scale is displayed on the site)
– Cover love ( I talk about my opinions on the cover)
– Anything the Publisher wants the reader to know
I also post my book reviews over at  Goodreads, and other book sites.

Rating System

1 Star- Didn’t Even Finish.
2 Stars- Blah…Not that great.
3 Stars- It Was Pretty Good!
4 Stars- Awesome! I Highly Recommend It
5 Stars- AH! I’m IN LOVE with THIS BOOK. Buy it, read it, or borrow it! Somehow you NEED to get your grubbies on it!

I am  happy to receive requests for review by authors and publishers. If you have such a request you can contact me at I am also happy to host giveaways or have author interviews.

Thank you for the consideration