I <3 Book Review: Platinum Promises

By Zuri Day

By Zuri Day

Platinum Promises (  The Drakes of California #3)

Zuri Day

April 23,2013



224 pages

3 Stars



Seduction in the lap of luxury… 

Award-winning wines have helped Dexter Drake turn his family’s luxury resort and spa into the most successful vineyard in Southern California. Yet Dexter has another talent—his prowess with women. He is having too much fun to settle down…until he meets Faye Buckner, a guest at the vineyard’s hotel. Her act of kindness makes it impossible for him to get the beautiful doctor out of his mind.

Faye believes in making the world a better place, and has dedicated her career to saving lives. She plans to concentrate on her work. But she soon discovers that the breathtaking playboy isn’t just gorgeous—he is intelligent and compassionate, too. Should Faye remain focused solely on her career or listen to Dexter’s passionate promises…and her own heart?


I love when authors make characters relatable, don’t get me wrong I love a swoon worthy book where the woman is perfect and the man is the next Denzel or Brad Pitt but let’s be real.  Not all men have perfect manners, lots of money, looks to die for and know all the perfect words to make you fall in love.  Which is why I liked Dexter Drake, yes he’s handsome, has a good job , a nice car and he’s also a little arrogant, in that “yeah im fine, women like me and I know it” way. He’s use to women chasing him which makes him perfect for Dr. Faye Buckner.  Faye has just come back to the States from Haiti where she served as a volunteer  to open her clinic.  Her mentor gives her a week vacation at the Drake resort Dexter’s family owns.  They have a brief across the lobby stare off but its at the birthday party of Papa Dee the family patriarch that they finally meet.  Faye comes to Papa’s aid when he has a mini heart attack .  Dexter personally thanks her by asking her out on a date and from then on it…  Its ON!!

From the time they first catch each others eye you can tell there is a connection, but unlike most women Faye is a little hesitant to involve herself with Dexter for all the right reasons; he’s a playboy,she knows her time at the resort is limited and she doesn’t have time to get involved in a relationship with so much going on in her life.  So does she keep her distance? of course not and eventually they become involved.  Then reality sets in a Faye has to leave.

Faye becomes heavily involved with opening the clinic and her relationship with Dexter suffers. And it doesn’t help that an old friend who is also a doctor comes into the picture.  This makes Faye question if a relationship with Dexter will ever work.They live in separate cities, live different lifestyles and have different approaches to life.   So the question is can their relationship survive the distance and new competition? IDK (well I do know since I read it),but I want you to read it yourself then tell me what you think.


  • When Dexter meets the competition was funny as heck… Men!
  • A Cute surprise at the end
  • The meaning behind the book title


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