I was thinking of trying this but after this review I shall not

Self Professed Product Obsessed

The Hindenburg isn’t even big enough of a disaster to describe my disappointment.  Really, .2 ounces of zit cream, and .2 ounces of face wash–both entirely not enough product to form an opinion around–perfume and peel and stick eye liner—LAME?  I spent weeks reading reviews of other HAPPY BirchBox recipients.  The Beauty Blender, Hair Oils, Violent Lips, Nail Polishes and other awesome products and I got the rejected left overs?  Talk about buyers remorse.

In My Professional Product Whore Opinion?

FAIL.  I will give you another chance next month, but it better be amaze.  Like gold plated, full sized, naked sculpture of David Beckham Amaze.

In other news, I also got my BeautyFix package.  (insert Hallelujah Chorus)

1. Purple SpaRitual Nail Lacquer-FULL SIZE-NORMAL PRICE $10.00

2.  Color Science SunForgettable Mineral Sun Protection-NORMAL PRICE $12.00

3. Frais Hand Sanitizer

4.  2 oz. Philip B Katira Hair Masque-NORMAL PRICE $20.00

5.  7…

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